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Welcome to VestPolen kennel
We are delighted to take care of your dog!
Are you going on holiday?
Or does your dog need a break?
With us, your dog is in good hands, with good companions.

We offer
Own enclosure in comfortable accommodation
Central located in a country setting
Personal guidance
Close co-operation with a Vet
Officially registered dog kennel

Our Service
Our guests (all dogs) gets as much love and attention as it is practical to give. Each day we devote time to show affection with our guests while they are under our care. The dogs get the chance to play and socialize with other dogs in the exercise yard connected to the kennel. If your dog is unsocial with other dogs, it will be exercised alone.
We are of course, careful not to put dominant dogs in the same yard, we take no chances!
We have co-operation with a skilled Vet who has considerable experience with dogs. The Vet would be called at the slightest suspicion of sickness. We are conscious that our pets can become ill and we can assure that we will do the best for our guests. We are of the strong opinion that it is better to call the vet one time too often than one time too little !

A first-class hotel of course has first-class food. Our guest are served dry food from «Happy Dog», quality German dog food and raw dog-food from «Vom & Hundemat» (cow stomachs and beef) – produced in Norway. If your dog is on special diet we will accommodate you if you wish to bring your own dog food.

Delivery and collection
The kennel has many visitors, and we also have other work that has to be done throughout the day. We therefore have some general rules for delivery and collection of dogs at the kennel. We don’t want unnecessary stress for the dogs that are staying with us. It is important that you come to the kennel during our opening hours.

On arrival, please leave your dog in the car or at least have your dog in the leash until all documentation and registration are completed.

General Information
Our kennel was built and opened in June 2002 – we have two different buildings.
Our main kennel consists of;
20 indoor enclosures (150 x 300cm) with separate climb-proof outdoor enclosures (150 x 400 cm), all under a roof. 2 exercise yards (24 x 4m) Isolation (separate) enclosure
Our small kennel consists of;
8 indoor enclosures (150 c 200cm) with separate climb-proof outdoor enclosures (150 x 400 cm), all under a roof. 1 small exercise yard (8 x 4m)
The main kennel is equipped with an thermostatically controlled fan, no floor heating, instead we also use approved heat-lamps for the dogs that require extra warmth.
Vaccine for your dog
When bringing your dog, we require veterinary certification (dog passport, stamped with vaccinations) that your dog has been vaccinated for distemper within the last 2 years and for parvo/kennel cough within 1 year an no later than 14 days before the dog is brought to the kennel.

If your dog is sick
If there is a suspicion that any of the dogs are sick, they will undergo standard clinical examination of a vet who decides upon further treatment. If the vet demands substantial further treatment of the dog, will we do our best to contact the owner before commencing the treatment.
The cost of this examination and treatment is the dog owners responsibilities.
When bringing the dog to the kennel, we also require information of any sicknesses the dog may have had within the last three weeks.

Opening hours for delivery/collection
We kindly require your respect for the opening hours as it is essential to enable our routines at the kennel
Weekdays (morning) 07:00 – 09:00 (afternoon) 17:00 – 18:00
Saturday/Sunday (morning) 09:00 – 10:00 (afternoon) 17:00 – 18:00
Days closed Christmas Day / New Years Day and Easter Sunday


1 Dog per day – Nkr. 330,-
2 Dogs per day (same owner) – Nkr. 580,-
3 Dogs per day (same owner) – Nkr. 750,-

Long term accommodation
1 Dog per day – Nkr. 270,-
2 Dogs per day (same owner) – Nkr. 460,-
3 Dogs per day (same owner) – Nkr. 630,-
* Price from day 31. Over 30 days per Calendar year.

Day care
1 Dog – Nkr. 215,-
2 Dogs – Nkr. 370,- **
3 Dogs – Nkr. 450,- **
* Between 07:00 – 18:00.
** Same owner.

Other Services
• Wash a small dog – NOK. 300,-
• Wash a medium-sized dog – NOK. 400,-
• Wash a large dog – NOK. 500,-
• Claw clipping – NOK. 200,-
• Cleaning of ears – NOK. 200,-
• Extra walking for the dog, a half-hour walk on our farm roads, to «read today’s newspaper». – NOK 75

We also have a dog treadmill for special training if required, please state on delivery of dog, price will be agreed.
All prices are inclusive tax (merverdiavgift).
Payment can be made by cash or bank card – Visa (not credit card), no later than collection day.